About Me.

A. J. Lape is the author of the top-rated Darcy Walker Teenage Sleuth Thrillers, Darcy Walker Crime Fiction Thrillers, Rivera and Gutierrez Action Fiction novellas, and the 15 Saddles Motor Cycle Club serial. She lives in the unpredictable and chaotic weather of Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, a dog, and hamster. 

Graduating from the hills of Morehead State University with a Master’s degree in Communications, she double-majored in English and journalism but basically went to grad school because she wasn’t ready to grow up. A PI wannabe, she stops crime daily through her characters while adding a dose of hope, humor, faith, and edge-of-your seat thrills. If the FBI ever checks her computer, she may be wearing prison-orange due to the “wiki” articles she researches—all, of course, in the name of career research, insomnia, and straight-up boredom. 

A perfect day for A. J. consists of writing in her favorite recliner, feeding her addiction to Coca-Cola, then lounging in her pajamas by 8PM. And sometimes a late night walk with her husband where she stares at the sky and contemplates the mysteries of the universe. She swears by two things: God is real, and so are aliens—and she hopes to one day be beamed up.

13 things you didn't know about A.J. Lape

  1. I can dislocate my left shoulder on command.
  2. My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life… cry like a baby when George Bailey starts yelling, “I want to live again… I want to live again.”
  3. I hate clowns and chicken wings… not necessarily in that order.
  4. I’m a notorious sleepwalker. It happens when I’m troubled. As far as I can tell, I always have my clothes on.
  5. I had an academic scholarship. I know that’s shocking, but looking at homework today, I’m pretty sure I’m tapped out at fifth grade.
  6. I like to shoot 9mm guns… look out Target World, every once in a while you have to walk your inner-hillbilly.
  7. I started running high school track when I was in the sixth grade. Don’t ask me to run now. After two kids, I pee my pants when I walk across the floor.
  8. I’m like Rain Man when it comes to fractions.
  9. I used to write and record songs. I won Honorable Mentions in the John Lennon Song Writing Contest and Music City Song Festival. Verrrry short career.
  10. I’ve cliff-dived off a 40-foot cliff into a lake…wouldn’t recommend it… that sucker can burn.
  11. I’m the only human I know that got turned down twice when trying to adopt handicapped dogs… moment of silence, please.
  12. I would’ve been a police officer or journalist if life didn’t land me where I am.
  13. I occasionally have the foul mouth of a truck driver… sorry, Mom and Dad. I try to change it. So far, the message hasn’t made it to the execution part of my brain.

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