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My name is A.J. Lape and I'm the author of the Darcy Walker High School Series, Darcy Walker Investigations Series, Detective Rivera and Gutierrez Novellas, and 15 Saddles MC series, an action/adventure thriller found on the Kindle Vella app. I'm thrilled you dropped by my site and hope you check out all of the cool things we've included!

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"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter - and bleed."

Ernest Hemingway

Writing is like riding a razor-thin line between creativity and insanity. First off, throw out what you want for a character or what you’re trying to force on their lives. After you’ve done that, pop a nerve pill when they confess their deepest, darkest secrets that could land them in jail or a straitjacket. Then put them in jail or a straitjacket.

Let them misbehave, talk back, curse, cry, and make your life a living nightmare—doing all those things that would drive you mad as a friend or parent. Then number three…pray these people don’t kill you in the process. When characters have the freedom to peel back the layers in their own self-discovery, they will say things that are raw, crazy, and sometimes hard to stomach, but that’s critical to the nuance of the story. At least one that is steeped in real life.

I'd never envisioned being a novelist, but through a series of Lemony Snicket events, life had me doing a 180. As a result, writing is so much more than a paycheck or dream fulfilled. It's about YOU and providing an escape when you need a laugh or when life gets too real and dragon-fire isn't around. I hope you fall in love with my characters as much as I have and enjoy reading about their ups, downs, celebrations, and colossal mess-ups. We try to keep it real here...and funny.


15 Saddles: Crossroads

Where the only way out of the MC...is in a body bag.

Book or eBook: 2021

Author: A. J. Lape

Series: 15 Saddles MC Series

Genres: Motorcycle Club, Motorcycle Club Romance, Action & Adventure Thriller, Crime Action Thriller, Suspense Action Thriller, Organized Crime, Organized Crime Thriller

Tate Sutton and Claire Crane need out of Vegas. He wants to escape a crippled club after their leader is murdered. She wants to flee a dead-end job and "Mommy Dearest" mother--who suspiciously took her father's place as the new MC president. When Claire hastily agrees to a business meeting with a man her mother hates, she's drawn into a night of terror where only Tate can help. Lies unravel, Secrets are revealed. Can they shake the sins of 15S or will there be another body in a bag?


Medusa Effect

A birthday death and a church with secrets are a nightmare in the making for LAPD rookie Darcy Walker in this nail-biting crime thriller by A.J. Lape.

Book or eBook: August 3, 2020

Author: A. J. Lape

Series: Darcy Walker

Genres: Women Sleuths, Detective Fiction, Police Procedural, Thriller, Crime Action Thriller, Suspense Action Thriller, Organized Crime, Organized Crime Thriller

Darcy Walker isn't making enough bank to pay her bills. But delivering pizzas as a side hustle hits a snag when she finds her customer without a pulse. Problem is, the victim is Ugly Pizza's biggest competitor, and her boss, Rollo, becomes a prime suspect.

Determined to clear his name when crimes from his past service, life as a rookie soon goes high octane when she dodges gunfire in an active shooter incident at the Church to the Stars. Going against direct orders to leave the interrogation to the suits, Darcy uncovers shocking revelations that unearth a Hollywood scoop that is anything but holy. While chasing the truth in both investigations, she fends off a bounty on her own head and the feeling somebody is trying to kill her too.

Is it someone connected to Rollo's case? The church seeking payback? Or does a third party have an endgame she doesn't yet understand?

For fans of Stephanie Plum, Veronics Mars, Fortune Redding, and other mystery-thriller heroines, Medusa Effect will leave you laughing one minute...then hiding under your bed the next.

Writing Is Fun, But All Consuming!

Time spent writing between 2008 and the completion of my last book.

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Based on Darcy’s rec, I tried GM's Dark Magic coffee. It's indeed everything Darcy said about it. Give Green Mountain’s Double Diamond a try!



I love love love your Darcy Walker series!!! I’ve read them all the way thru twice and can’t wait for book 6. Please tell me there’s another book coming?



Are there going to be anymore audio books? I love listening to the books when I’m at work and I’ve already listened to one and two multiple times.



I can’t wait until the next book in the Darcy Walker Series comes out. How many books do you think there are going to be in total in the series?

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