Win Twelve Mystery/Crime Novels!

Hi, Darcyville!!

I wanted to send you a message about a chance to win some new mystery books!! Some of you are new to my mailing list (we met through other campaigns), but I will send these sorts of opportunities on to you whenever I find out about them. Follow the link if you would like a chance to win some new mystery books and even share the post with your friends. Hope your summer is going well!! xoxo AJ

Win up to TWELVE Crime/Mystery eBooks!

(2) Grand Prize Kindle Virtual “Gift Baskets” of ALL TWELVE eBOOKs!

(10) Winners of Individual Books (randomly selected titles)

Plus a special bonus chance to win!



8 Responses to Win Twelve Mystery/Crime Novels!

  1. Christine Hinton says:

    What a great prize. Keep me quiet for a while. Hubby would be well pleased.

  2. Claude McLain says:

    Thank you for thinking of me…

  3. Conny Toste says:

    What a great giveaway, got my fingers crossed.

  4. Connie Fischer says:

    This sounds truly delightful! Mysteries are fabulous reads.

  5. Mary Pitre says:

    Great prize. Hope I’m one of the winners. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. sarah woods says:

    bring on the beach and pool reads

  7. lori meyer says:

    Awesome!! I am so excited! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Paula Wall says:

    Wonderful contest and selection

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