Welcome! A Freebie! And All That! 😍

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Thank you for showing an interest in my series!

As promised, as a thank you for signing up for my newsletter, please click on the book image below and find a direct link to download GRADE A STUPID for FREE!

It is the first book in my Darcy Walker Series, which will be continued with a bigger, badder, and older Darcy very soon. I’m also going to release a few other novels of characters in the series before the end of the year!

There is also more information about other books in my series under the DARCY WALKER tab at the menu bar or by clicking on the image below:

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AJ xo


4 Responses to Welcome! A Freebie! And All That! 😍

  1. Becky Budd says:

    I love to read all genres of books.

  2. Susan Fritz says:

    I loved Grade A Stupid and left you a review on Amazon this Spring. If you ever do an ARC team please consider me for it.

  3. Sue bradshaw says:

    I love the darcy walker series can not wait for the new one.

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