The Search – A Review of the Second Book in The Descendant Vampire Series by Kelley Grealis

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My girl, Allison Carmichael, has gone and done it now…she’s a vampire and her life is a hot mess. You see, vampires like blood and Allison has discovered the finer taste of blood at the opening of this story. I gotta tell you I loved The Descendant. But The Search, I think, was even better. I don’t like to put spoilers in reviews, but Allison spends this book chasing after something that is dear to her heart. When she finds it, however, all Hell breaks loose (metaphorically speaking) and Allison finds out everything is not as it has seemed or she hoped it to be.  Grab this book, vampire fans. It’s one you won’t be able to put down, and I can’t wait to see how Kelley Grealis wraps this thing up.

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