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In season two of SIDE HUSTLE, a three-part serial, Darcy Walker is back delivering pizzas, fighting Los Angeles crime, and attending the police academy. People and experiences may be more glittery than what this midwestern sleuth is accustomed to, but one thing remains the same—living life like a verb comes with a price.

Clyde Sargent is rude. Egotistical. And a bad tipper. Delivering a fourteen-inch Rollo’s Revenge pizza should be an in-and-out job. Until he drops a bombshell he might’ve committed murder. Then Darcy Walker can’t let it go.

Days from the police academy, Darcy’s conscience reminds her it’s not her job to solve the mystery. No matter how appealing the challenge may be. 

Struggling with coloring between the lines, the more she tries to conform, the more crime the universe throws her way. A dead body appears. A hit is placed on her friends. And someone from the academy has a Star Wars moment and goes to the dark side.

A new day is on the horizon in season two of Side Hustle. Darcy’s dream is within reach. Will she pump the brakes on her personality and let others take her cases? Or will she get kicked out of the program before she even earns her badge?


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