Win up to 180+ eBooks!

(1) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks!
(1) Gift Basket for each major genre!
(180+) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)

Also, books two and three in my series are on sale for only .99 cents the entire month!!

Links below!


5 Responses to MEGA GIVEAWAY!! 🙌🏼

  1. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    That’s not a lifetime for me, I read 200/year WITH REVIEWS

  2. Julie Blumke says:

    I want to win

  3. Pat Wilson says:

    What a great selection of books.

  4. Beverlee Smith says:

    Great selection of books. I read a lot and do reviews also

  5. Leanne Hansard says:

    I’d love these!!

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