DEFCON DARCY Cover Reveal!!!

Hello, Darcyville!

Here is the cover for DEFCON DARCY, book four in the Darcy Walker Series!!

My friends at ’68 Zombie Comics have done it again and are just the best ever. I went to high school with Mark Kidwell, the illustrator, and I tell Mark the plot of each book, and he whips out a cover that sucks the breath out of me each time. His partner, Jay Fotos, then colors it. They blow me away with their talent.

All the questions you’ve been asking about what made Darcy a “verb in a world full of nouns” are answered…DEFCON DARCY takes danger and humor to a whole new level for our girl, Darcy. I am so excited for you to get a bigger glimpse into her heart and soul.

DEFCON DARCY will be available mid-February, so stay tuned!





Ugh and double ugh. Fisher’s confidence was still a no-show. “Hey, running is the last thing you should do. Face it now, or somewhere down the road a therapist is going to make you work it out with dolls.”


Had all of my near misses prepared me for this one final moment? I wasn’t used to viewing life existentially. Verbs acted. We didn’t dissect or analyze; that’s what nouns did.

Quote from a beta reader, Justine Littleton:

A. J. Lape has just destroyed me. Seriously, hands down, the BEST writing I have read ALL YEAR. There is not a word to describe how of one swoop, she has touched on every emotion. In one night, I was hysterical with both laughter and devastation. And I am not even finished yet. A. J. ‘s books are ALWAYS good, but I actually choked on my spit gasping and giggling at the same time. Utterly amazing writing.



A. J. and Darcy



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