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My name is A.J. Lape and I'm the author of the Darcy Walker Series, Detective Ruby Rivera Vice Series, and the soon to come 15 Saddles MC series. I'm thrilled you dropped by my site, and I hope you check out all of the cool things we've included.

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"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter - and bleed."

Ernest Hemingway

Writing is like riding a razor-thin line between creativity and insanity. First, you throw out what you want for a character and let them tell you the story. Second, you can't be afraid to let them confess their deepest, darkest secrets. If you allow them to peel back the layers, they will say things that are sometimes hard to handle, but that are critical to the nuance of the story. 

For me, inspiration can come in the unlikeliest of places—chatting with friends, dreams, the shower, television shows, eavesdropping on others’ conversations, so I'm always prepared to jot things down. There are chapters, almost entire books, that I have written on the notepad of my phone. 

Not surprisingly, I’ve always loved a good story. My sister and I grew up watching Mystery Science Theater and any B movie with comedic undertones we could find. I studied to be a journalist, but life took me elsewhere. And on Friday the 13th, 2008, I opened my laptop and Darcy Walker “walked” onto the page. She hasn’t stopped talking yet and has brought a few other friends along with her!

What The Readers Say



Based on Darcy’s rec, I tried GM's Dark Magic coffee. It's indeed everything Darcy said about it. Give Green Mountain’s Double Diamond a try!



I love love love your Darcy Walker series!!! I’ve read them all the way thru twice and can’t wait for book 6. Please tell me there’s another book coming?



Are there going to be anymore audio books? I love listening to the books when I’m at work and I’ve already listened to one and two multiple times.



I can’t wait until the next book in the Darcy Walker Series comes out. How many books do you think there are going to be in total in the series?

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