Huuuuuge Cozy Mystery Sale + Episode 2 Preorder Link!

Hope your summer has been filled with lots of sun, good vibes, and a beach in your future!! My family and I are going to Hilton Head next weekend. I’ve never been, but I’m so excited to visit for the first time and lounge on the beach. This weekend, I’ve got some great reads on sale for you too. Click the pic at the left to take you to a list of all books that are discounted to 99 cents!!

Also, on the SIDE HUSTLE front, episode two drops on Tuesday, July 10th! You can go straight to the buy link by clicking on the cover below.

Thank you so, so much for those who have left reviews for Episode 1. A reviewer’s words help so much and help my stories find new readers. It’s been such a thrill to know that readers have missed Darcy and all the good-slash-bad-slash questionable things she tends to do! If you’ve left a review, please let me know!! Here’s to hoping you have a fabulous summer! 🙂



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